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  • Deadline: Jan 19, 2013
  • Tags: CSharp
  • Project Status: Complete
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Note: This app is no longer available. The source can be found on Github.

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Hero Helper was a Diablo 3 EHP and DPS Calculator made for Windows 8 by Craig Martin.  This app is for the game Diablo 3 by Blizzard Entertainment. Hero Helper is in no way endorsed or affiliated with Blizzard Entertainment.


The main purpose of the app is to help players of Diablo 3 plan their characters and maximize their stats by calculating their EHP and DPS.  Hero Helper will enable players to make smarter purchases on the Auction House by showing the players how each item affects their stats. Hero Helper is the perfect tool for your EHP and DPS calculations.

Tired of trying to view items on the Diablo 3 website using your Windows 8 device?  Try Hero Helper out today and be amazed at how touch friendly this app is! Hero Helper is a great side kick for Diablo 3 as it allows you to view your heroes on a Windows 8 touch device.

Simply click on an item name and view the same tool tip as if you used a mouse to hover over an item.

Even better, tap on one of your items and you can “modify” the stats and view the effects on your DPS and EHP.

Hero Helper is the one stop shop for your EHP Calculator and DPS Calculator; all on your beautiful touc friendly Windows 8 device.

How does Hero Helper work?

Hero Helper simply gathers data from your profile using the Diablo 3 API and makes calculations using various formulas to display what your characters EHP and DPS is.

For those programmers that want to see how all of that’s done, please visit my github.



-2H Weapons no longer crash app.
-Updated Barbarian Passive ‘Weapon Master’

-Fixed DPS calclulations
-Weapons now show stats correctly in “item compare” popup
-Socket stats are now included in “item compare” popup
-% values should now be entered as %’s not decimals
-Battletag and Region text is now aligned with their text boxes

-Initial Release



At this time there are no plans to port this to other platforms.  There are several apps that do similar things on other platforms.  There is currently nothing like this app on the Windows Store so I would like to provide this community with an easy to use app.



Completely Free.



I have no plans to add advertisements at this time.  That may change.



This app does not take into effect every skill or follower.  My goal was to show the stats of an unbuffed hero.  This does include passive skills though.  If you still believe the app is wrong, please send me an email with details of what is incorrect.  I will do my best to correct any issues.  You could even fix the issue yourself and make a pull request on my github.





Privacy Policy

Personal information

This application (Hero Helper) does not collect or transmit any user’s personally identifiable information.
No personal information is used, stored, secured or disclosed by services this application works with.

Technical information

Limited technical information is sent (such as IP addresses included in the HTTP calls the application makes) but none of that is used or stored.
Information downloaded from the Diablo 3 API is stored as cache to enable a more fluid experience for the user.
This data is kept on the users local machine and is not disclosed to any other service.

Third parties

This app makes use of the Diablo 3 API provided by Blizzard, their usage of information is excluded from this privacy policy.
To view their privacy policy, please visit: http://us.blizzard.com/en-us/company/about/privacy.html