Craig and Erin under the Arches Craig and Erin under the Arches at the University of St. Thomas – Photo by Will Miller


Recent student at the University of Minnesota where I earned my Masters of Science in Software Engineering. My undergrad was at the University of St. Thomas where I earned a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering with two minors in Computer Science and Physics.  Growing up, I always loved to tinker with things and learn how stuff worked.  That passion is still with me and is the reason why I pursued an Engineering degree.

Now, I enjoy creating and working on personal projects during my free time using the knowledge that I gained from school and work.  My projects mainly focus on software. I do enjoy using my Electrical Engineering skills and wish I had more time to make more robots.

Additionally, creating these projects is a great way for me to learn on my own. It allows me to be challenged and introduced to new technologies. Even though I may be re-inventing the wheel with some of my projects, I believe that it is important to try things on my own so I have a deeper understanding of basic concepts that will enable me to apply the concepts to a new idea.