• Deadline: May 10th, 2011
  • Tags: Java
  • Project Status: Complete


For my Networking class , my team and I were told to create a program that used TCP/IP.   Clearly we chose a game.  We were allowed to pick any programming language and decided to use Java as this was the one language we all knew well.
As for what game we made? Well we made Blackjack as the title of the page so cleverly states.

Our primary goals of the project:
  • Works over the internet
  • Server can run multiple Blackjack games simultaneously
  • Users can create a new account or log into an existing account
  • Database tracks:
    • Users money
    • Users name
    • Password
    • Email

After achieving the primary goals, we decided to add more features because “If it ain’t broke it doesn’t have enough features.”  Some of those additional features included a GUI for the client, parallel betting, double down,
and stat tracking.

Blackjack Table
Blackjack Table

After all of the coding was finished, we were able to host a server on one computer and
have the clients connect to the host from any other computer (within the school network because of firewalls).
The game functions well and sometimes can be frustrating because it feels like the dealer cheats.
If you would like to try this game out, you will need a few things first before you can run the server
successfully as well as play on the client.

Download and install JRE
Download and install SQL Server Express
SQL server will need to be configured to allow TCP/IP ports
Finally, the server, client, and SQL scripts can be found at our Github page