• Deadline: June 01, 2014
  • Tags: Website
  • Project Status: Active


wp_craigmart.in is my latest wordpress theme for my own personal website.  My last theme was too cluttered and I was trying to do too much.  My goal with this theme was to make it simple and easy to read.  No more extra fluff.  I am by no means a graphic designer so I have to use the power of CSS to make this site stand out.

This theme was built off the starter template Roots.  Roots is built on top of the HTML5 Boilerplate and is Bootstrap ready.  Using roots introduced myself to other programming workflows I did not know about such as using Grunt to compile all of the LESS files.

Starting with Roots saved me so much time that I was able to get the basic theme for my website done over one weekend.

Thanks to both Roots and Isotope (used on my portfolio page) for making this website possible.